After the success of his solo debut Goldfoil, Adriano Viterbini will release his second album, FilmOSound on May 27. The title of the album comes from the vintage 1940’s Bell & Howell Filmosound projectors which he used as his guitar amplifier for this album--the latest invention in his tireless search for new and exciting sounds.

Beginning with this re-imagined and re-purposed machine, the album is a projection of Viterbini’s influences from around the world, at the crossroads
of the sounds of the North and South of the world. FilmoSound is a journey through Africa, South America, and the United States, an eleven track musical anthropology. 

In his expidition he is not alone, joined by incredible companions: From Niger guitarist Bombino, to Cuban multi-instrumentalist Jose Ramon Caraballo Armas, to Alberto Ferrari (lead singer of Italy’s leading indie band Verdena). 

FilmOSound is an album unlike any other, a survey of styles and soundsmade possible by technical virtuiosity and passion that is all too rare in today’s musical landscape. 


Viterbini began playing music as a child, studying piano for five years before moving to electric and acoustic guitar, especially focusing on slide guitar, driven by his deep passion for Delta blues, funk-rock, and alternative music. In 2000 he began playing in the Rome music scene, with different groups either as a sideman or frontman. Within a few years he established himself as one of the most accomplished guitarists in Italy in the general style of Mississippi Delta blues, Ry Cooder, and the best of stoner rock and pop. Viterbini has developed a style in which rhythm and technical ability are intertwined and immediate, spontaneous and engaging. In 2007, as a singer, guitarist, and songwriter, he formed Bud Spencer Blues Explosion with Caesar Petulicchio. The power rock duo burst onto the scene with their self-titled debut released in 2009, with a memorable live performance at the May Day Concert in Piazza San Giovanni, Rome. Scores of concerts in Italy and the United States are evidence of their growing following, and of the powerful attitude of their live performances, the real trademark of BSBE.

On March 22nd 2013 Viterbini returned “back home” to his origins, releasing his debut solo album on Bomba Records, Goldfoil. An instrumental work of American privitism on primitive guitar, Goldfoil is an intimate, evocative, highly emotional work, in which Viterbini reveals his great love for the minimal blues of artists ranging from Ry Cooder and John Fahey to Jack Rose and African Music, as always, mixing influences. The album, produced by Viterbini and Bomb Records, was recorded, mixed, and mastered in Rome at Studio Nero in December 2012 by Daniel Gennaretti, tracks, one of which, “New Revolution Of The Innocents,” boasts the collaboration of Alessandro Cortini of Nine Inch Nails.

Goldfoil is a record that leaves a mark, impressing audiences and critics in unison, and further legitimized Viterbini as the most virtuosic and talented guitarists around. Promoting Goldfoil, Viterbini embarked on a solo tour overseas to the United States, where the album was released by Devil Down Records.

2014 marked the return of BSBE with the new album “BSB3,” and Viterbini also began performing with Bombino, the African guitarist, who invited him on his “Nomad Tour” around Italy and at Union Chapel in London. Viterbini and Bombino’s collaboration has quickly grown, as they have played on each other’s most recent albums, with Viterbini recording on Bombino’s new album in Woodstock, NY, in October 2015.

In January 2015 Scrapyard, a result of collaboration with Reed Turchi, recorded in at Ardent Studios in Memphis and Studio Nero in Rome, was released on Goodfellas/Devil Down Records. Viterbini and Turchi toured in support of Scrapyard in Italy and Switzerland in February 2015, and throughout the United States in October 2015.