SCRAPYARD DELUXE (Viterbini/Turchi)


SCRAPYARD DELUXE (Viterbini/Turchi)


An international collaboration recorded in Memphis and Rome, SCRAPYARD is a conversation between Viterbini and Turchi, an exploration of styles and sounds, sparked from an impromptu performance together in November of 2013. 

Available only in an extremely limited edition of 100 copies, each copy of the physical release will be totally unique, and each element within the album package will be matched (so, all the parts of "007/100" will match, and not be interchangeable with "009/100"). 

We can't give away all the surprises yet, but each package will include: 

-Unique 7" vinyl featuring two singles from the album

-CD with all studio tracks PLUS album-exclusive bonus demo-track versions that Viterbini and Turchi exchanged via email before meeting in person to record 

-Digital Download in hi-quality of all tracks and demos

-1/4" tape of entirely unique materials, songs from the album, and other non-disclosable songs unique to each tape 

-Unique packaging for each one, hand signed and numbered (sorry, can't reveal more than that)

-Hand printed poster on handmade paper 

Once the album is released we will post photos of the different elements...for now this is all we can say, but rest assured, you will hold not just an amazing album, but a totally unique object and artwork as well. 




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