From the Curators of iTunes:

"This international collaboration finds noted guitarists Viterbini (from Rome) and Turchi (from Memphis, Tenn.) coming together as a duo. The two have a minimalist, dark blues chemistry overflowing with earthy delta slide and dark pulsing electric guitar. No rhythm section only adds to the tracks' late-night jam session feel, seemingly leaving them locked in conversation with no one else to listen or judge. Highlights include the relatively upbeat “Cottonmouth Drag” and the soulful rave-up “Gira,” as well as the spooky “Latitudes.”

Adriano Viterbini and Reed Turchi's collaboration album, SCRAPYARD, was recorded at Ardent Studios, Memphis, and Studio Nero, Rome, in January and June 2013. Largely improvisational, their live concerts and performance style is an incredibly intimate, dynamic combination of shared roots and new explorations. 

"In Scrapyard the two guitarists create plots of notes that are a solitary journey on straight roads and dusty with the thoughts that wander up to dissolve, giving way to ecstatic contemplation. Minimal arpeggios and slightly distorted slide guitar open the imagination of the listener who is carried away by the taste for composition but also by the instinct of the two artists who alternate entirely instrumental to songs with others masterfully interpreted by the voice of Turchi." - Musicfeed Italy 


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